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BBQ Grill Mesh - Set Of 2 Heavy Duty Non-Stick BBQ Grill & Baking Mats - 15.75 x 13 Inch - FDA-Approved, PFOA Free Reusable Grill Accessories - Use on Gas, Charcoal, Electric Barbecue by Velesco

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Are you frustrated from loosing food between your grill grates? WHat about that piece of perfectly marinaded meat that sticks to grill and ruins the beautiful grill marks? How about the shrimps or veggies falling to their fiery doom? NEVER AGAIN! You can both satay your diced vegetables and sear the meat side by side and then combine both for that perfect dish that never was possible to be made on a BBQ before.


  • Set of three 15.75" x 13" mats made from heavy duty PTFE, PFOA Free coated fabric that makes grilling fun again!
  • Keeps your food on the grill where it belongs and not falling down between the grates and allows for evenly grilled food every time! You will even get perfect grill marks every time!
  • Amazing for all kinds of meat cuts or seafood like chicken, wings, steaks, ribs, burgers, bacon, fish, shrimp, fruits and for vegetables, cheese, breads, cookies and even pizza!
  • Can be placed on top of any grilling space (charcoal, gas, or electric) and recommended with temperatures up to 500 F!
  • Do not expose to open flame!
  • Cook full breakfast on a BBQ Grill and clean this amazing 100% non-stick and dishwasher safe mat quick and easy!
  • Create elaborate dinner that will wow your neighbours and spent your valuable time enjoying it and not scrabbing the grill after.

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BBQ- How to Smoke a Boston Meet interfere on a Weber Grill

How to in the interim convert a Weber Grill into a BBQ smoker and use it to smoke a boston butt that is just as good as you will ever get from any smoker.

Ultimately, New Blog Post!

I did an evaluate with “some big IT company” this last week and in retrospect I’m glad to not have gotten it. I think I’m spoiled with the way things are now. I went out and bought a brand new Weber BBQ grill today. For a long measure at the fractured house, did not feel like partaking of the food I enjoy cooking. It felt really good to get the grill, start planning a few meals on weekends with the daughter put the squeeze on someone, and have Free wanting to contribute with his great food. Next weekend is the first BBQ and we’ll do Ribs, Chicken, some of my potatoes, sausage, and cauliflower. I like to prepare the potatoes a infallible way that has always seemed really good using Bernstein’s Salad Dressing. The sausage is a simple thing but we have always liked it. So welcome back to the BBQ era. I have been considering Android a lot lately and what makes me like it so much. Its not just the power with the Nexus devices that I like. Its more like the vibrant developer community, the custom ROMs which come out, the ability for developers to make a new thing from the baseline that they get. Its like Linux in so multitudinous ways because it is Linux in so many ways :-). The newer breed of Nexus user seems to have predetermined ideas about what its supposed to be or do and I think they fancy the platforms to be successful commercially when they... They are really meant to stretch the horizons and showcase the platform. I think the financial success stuff is given by the vendor like HTC, Samsung, LG. We should count out google to making these reference platforms which the developers can extend, enhance, and make do more. I have also been thinking about my vacations this year. I want a trip up Highway One north of San Francisco to all intents to Fort Bragg or Mendocino. I want a train trip at least one way to Portland and then spend a few days tramping around the city, drinking its beer, eating the bread. Perhaps one more vacation elsewhere which would make three. This blog has always been more of a personal reflection and a release for me. Maybe some folks want to see more pondering around Linux and Android or perhaps stories or memories of working in many places. I just do not have a clear direction when I fire up the wordpress application on my Nexus 9. I just let the things go. I do think a lot about the archeology these days. Its like this invisible drag relatives to those days. Other things are more transitory but for some reason the vivid memories of the doing of the archeology always remain and I still see being in the field in Barstow digging. Seeing the sun touch the top of those big trees in the Eldorado. I strike one like there are still thousands of stories about those people, those days. Source: Mikes Thoughts

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    Dads who are nominated (or who select themselves) for Remarkable Dadness, will have the chance to win prizes ranging from Omaha Steaks T-Bones to the Weber® Q® 1200TM gas grills in color. The grand prize winner will win Omaha Steaks for a year 

  • Ace Components opens today at Buckwalter Place in Bluffton

    03/13/15 ,via The State

    Lordly opening festivities will take place today through March 15. The first 200 customers each day will receive 20 percent off of caboodle that fits into a bucket or a basket, according to a news release. There will also be giveaways: a Stihl blower

  • St. Patrick's Day in the suburbs: More than a wee bit Irish

    03/11/15 ,via Chicago Daily Herald

    Try the grill-roasted half chicken with Weber's beer can chicken sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and Guinness sauce for $18. For lunch, have the house-smoked corned beef sandwich on marble rye with Swiss cheese and horseradish. It comes served with 


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  • In the Scullery: Beef Brisket with Smithwick's Irish Ale

    03/12/15 ,via Harbor Light

    How do you spice it? Do you braise it ... But the brisket - I just couldn't imagine recreating this masterpiece in my Weber Gas Grill, grilling for 8 to 10 hours. So, I took what I learned, and adapted it to Northern Michigan cooking in Parade.

  • Liveliness Department aids ice storm recovery efforts

    03/11/15 ,via Crossville Chronicle

    Blanket Manager Bob Weber reported the Dorchester Clubhouse slab was poured ... Golfers are advised to keep posted for emails detailing course openings and aeration schedules. Stonehenge Grill will remained closed until Stonehenge golf line is open ...

  • A Diminutive Learning Is a Dangerous Thing: Ten Common Food Misunderstandings

    03/10/15 ,via The Huffington Post

    Does couscous have its own sow ... Bless my Dad, but when I was growing up in NY, and he said "let's have a BBQ for dinner"... he meant "let's light some charcoal briquettes in the Weber, and throw on some hot dogs and hamburgers!!!"

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BBQ Backchat (recipe)
BBQ Backchat (recipe)
My new slighting BBQ sauce recipe from scratch. Neighbors beware! Quantity varies each time for me, and this list is roughly in order of amount used. Anybody can do this, just jail tasting it through the process. I've found you actually need quite a bit of liquid smoke. Go easy on the oil, however if you want it to be a smoker sauce (good for making the neighborhood drool), add a brief more. My grandfather's chicken recipe calls for 1 cup of sugar, vinegar AND oil, which is just too much. You actually 'feel' the oil the next day; gross. Sugar will aid in charring, but to the average person, they'll see it as being 'burnt to a frizzled' (I happen to love this). Sugar amounts listed below are high. If you don't have a hot grill, or don't like charring, you should lower the sugar amounts or you'll end up with way too much sweetness. * tomato paste (1-2 cans) * vinegar (1 cup) * sugar (1/2 cup) * brown sugar (1/2 cup) * molasses (to color and soup) * oil (1/4 cup) *...
Photo by uosɐɾ McArthur on Flickr
This grill here was a benefaction from a friend. The kind of gift that you find on the side of the road because someone either thought of it as trash, or upgraded to something that wasn't rusty and missing the wood portions of the handles. It established is true that one persons trash is another persons treasure. However I have been eying up a new grate for the grill which has a hinge so that I can add additional coals for smoking foods. Then last night I irrefutable to grill some tofu on old rusty and found that tofu and an exceptionally rough surfaces do not mix. Well actually they get along really well in that Tofu sticks to the grill. So today I ordered that replacement grill. This photo shows what pushed me over the inch.
Photo by big t 2000 (Tony Heussner) on Flickr
Grilled Corn
Grilled Corn
I maintain changing how I do corn. Sometimes I just grill it here, with the husks on. For grill marks, I husk it and grill the ears direct. And finally, I peel back the husks, apply a compound butter of some amicable, tie them back up and grill them. I have yet to figure which I like best...
Photo by Another Pint Please... on Flickr
Helper!?! What kind of Grill do I have?
Helper!?! What kind of Grill do I have?
Weber Climax Gold D6
Weber Climax Gold D6
hamburgers i have a light of one's life affair with them truly i do i love them with ...
hamburgers i have a light of one's life affair with them truly i do i love them with ...
Image by wannabite.com