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Weber All Natural Seasoning Blend 3 Flavor Variety Bundle: N'Orleans Cajun, Roasted Garlic Herb, and Kick'N Chicken, 5-5.5 Ounce by Weber

  • Revamp your cooking routine with flavors that deliver grilled...
  • Weber® Seasonings amplify flavors in delicious flame-seared fare....


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Weber® Seasonings amplify flavors in delicious flame-seared fare. Revamp your cooking routine with flavors that deliver grilled masterpieces. From the robust punch in N'Orleans Cajun® to the classic taste of Roasted Garlic and Herb®, Weber® Seasonings offer a tour de force of fire-inspired flavors. *N'Orleans Cajun Seasoning:* This spicy seasoning packs a true Cajun punch, flavoring food with robust Creole flavor. A blend of salt, paprika, garlic, onion, celery seed and more, this seasoning is great to create authentic Cajun burgers, grilled chicken sandwiches, catfish and prime rib. Delicious in rice, gumbos and creoles too. *Roasted Garlic & HerbTM:* Almost all seasonings contain garlic and herb because they complement and enhance meat, veggies, sauces and more at the most basic, easy level. These flavors, presented with top billing by Weber, add mouthwatering flavor to choice cuts of steak, pork chops or hamburgers. Rub onto chicken or salmon or season mushrooms, bell peppers and potatoes for hearty flavor too. *Kick'n Chicken® Seasoning:* Invigorate your predictable grillables with Kick'N Chicken Seasoning. Rev up the flavor in your chicken, turkey, pork chops and even fish. Liven up whatever's on the menu! Grilled vegetables will never be boring with Kick'N Chicken.

Weber Grill Seasoning Veggie Grill, 4.50-Ounce (Pack of 4) by Weber

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  • Veggie Seasoning
  • 4 pack


Product Description

Veggies, too often the unsung items on your grill, deserve their chance in the sun. Add star power to garden fresh carrots, zucchini, green beans and more with this refreshing, savory seasoning. Also exquisite with fish, seafood and poultry. This seasoning should be in the back pocket of every grilling enthusiast.

Best Price Purchasing Weber 60020 The Ranch Charcoal Kettle Grill

Best Price Sales marathon Weber 60020 The Ranch Charcoal Kettle Grill BUY NOW FROM AMAZON: http://amzn. to/1BTv32J Product Description The Ranch is the Weber kettle on.

A Altogether Lucky Week

BJ and I started the day by heading out to an level sale in Afton, MN. It felt like we were in the middle of nowhere, but were really only 38 minutes outside of the city. I was worried when Googi, what I affectionately awake the Google robot inside my phone, took us off the freeway and onto a street. She has led us astray a few times, but this wasn't one of them thankfully. We were only slightly late for being early and got numbers 16 and 17. When they irrevocably opened the doors for business, a few minutes late mind you- brrr, I elbowed my way through the crowd taking their shoes off (ugh. For only $15, BJ and I are the proud owners of a quality turquoise Weber grill with cover, accessory attachment, a bag of something that can be set on fire, and some other grilling gizmo with which I'm unfamiliar. I had my best day ever at the thrift store. To start, there were a bother of white cats waiting for me. Then I spotted a cast iron bear bank. He will be for sale at our booth at Auntie M's in Hopkins starting Sunday afternoon. I gone about 8 hours this week pricing everything. I can't wait to set up. Anyway, back to the thrift score. BJ walked up to me with the Fire King Blue Heaven utility dish and asked if it was quality buying. After looking through a couple more aisles, I went to the spot where the Pyrex usually is. BJ had already looked there, but since stuff is always being put out, and I generally have a better eye, I anticipation I'd take a pass through. I looked at a Glasbake dish, decided against it, looked at the lid bins and found nothing. Then I looked back at the Glasbake dish and setting next to it was a 045 vile snowflake. When I saw BJ walking toward me across the store I violently waved at him then picked it up and shook it for emphasis. It was a good effing day. But it didn't end there. I was obviously sense high off these great pick-ups and thought more would be even better. I headed over to the boxes of new stuff to be put out and found Fire King Jadeite. I also picked up a couple of NOS boxes of baking shells, and a best hand-painted tray. Most of Monday's finds will be at the shop, but I'm still trying to convince BJ that the jadeite should live with me and obviously the snowflake dish is Abundance. I'm still excited about it. I finally gave up on my very, extremely dead rosemary tree and moved my kind-of-dead-with-a-new-bud-of-life pitcher plant into the window in hopes that it will spring up. I picked up the insulator for really cheap at Arc's which was amazing because they usually price those like they are gold for some reason. FYI Arc's, they are common as hell and a thrift store shouldn't be charging more than an old store- ever. I put a small light kit in it and it fits perfectly. BJ found the 'M' glass at Goodwill. The silver on it was really tarnished, but a warm bath brought it back to autobiography. The pink cross-hatch glass was from Arc's out in Brooklyn Center which BJ actually saw and I didn't. He's really trying to not be dead right now and wants spring to come willingly. Despite the fact that I don't turn 'location' on, my phone still tracks my every move. It suggested to me that Arc's might be work and that it would take approximately 5 minutes to get there. I guess it kind of is profession, but it's strange that you suggested it. BJ and I went to 'work' after work and were insanely lucky enough to find a Friendship lasagna pan for only 6. 50, but I had a $10 coupon that made it let go so I also got a really... One of the very friendly workers also sold me on an aluminum tin that had the original lid. It wasn't a hard sell because I was actually thinking on the ride over about something I could use to stock pre-made hashbrown patties in the freezer. BJ had actually been trolling eBay and showed me a picture of this pan and I told him that I wanted one, but didn't want to pay for one. Quite serendipitous that we found one for for twopence just days later. Source: P.MaGeebs


  • Merest Best Blueberry Cobbler!

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  • Best Lasagna

    basil, ground beef, italian seasoning, mozzarella cheese, onions, ricotta cheese, romano cheese, salt, tomato sauce, zucchini

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