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Weber 6471 Original Stainless Steel Fish Basket, Large by Weber

  • Elevates food from grates
  • Ideal for grilling delicate foods
  • Dishwasher-safe



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Grill delicate fish, vegetables and more without worry. This flexible wire design adjusts to hold a variety of food sizes and shapes. Holds securely in place while staying elevated off the grates, protecting the food from burning and sticking. Easy to clean being dishwasher-safe. Fits Weber Q 300 and larger gas grills, 18-1/2-inch and larger charcoal grills.

Weber Style 6435 Professional-Grade Grill Pan by Weber

  • Cleans easily with soap and water
  • Grill pan for small or delicate foods
  • 1/8-inch slits allow juices to flow out while keeping food in; wide...



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Just the right tool for cooking pan fries on the grill. Or try it for delicate fish, vegetables, and even fruit. Made of 430-grade stainless steel.

Cedar Planked Grilling

I adoration to grill fish on the grill. The magic of the grill coup.

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Weber Seasoning Zesty Lemon Grill-2.5 Oz -Pack Of 6 by

Add refreshing flavor to fish, seafood and poultry. It's also the secret for adding extra flavor to garden fresh carrots, zucchini and green beans. 2.5 Unit of Measure: OZ Case Pack Size: 6


Weber's Way To Grill by

Everything a griller wants to know in the most complete grilling technique book ever: Five keys to grilling great steak The right way with baby back ribs What to do when flare-ups happen The way to smoke a turkey Five secrets for perfect fish every time Simple ways to check for doneness Getting great results with your smoker The way to handle foods that stick Working burger magic every time Over 1,000 step-by-step photos More than 160 delicious new recipes Dozens of rubs, sauces, marinades, and more What is Weber's Way to Grill? Well, first of all, it is not just one way to grill. It is not about absolute right and wrong when it comes to issues like gas versus charcoal, direct versus indirect heat, or grilling with the lid on or off. Webers Way to Grill includes and embraces any way to grill so long as it works. And what works best is paying attention to culinary details. There is a big difference between winging it and paying attention. Thats the point of Weber's Way to Grill. That's why this book includes so many how-to photographs and explanatory captions and detailed recipes. The emphasis here is on paying close attention. Its about learning how and why certain ways work well, so that you can move beyond the limits of winging it. Great taste lies in the details. Just pay attention and enjoy a new level of grilling success.


Remembering San Carlos Mexico..

Today looking at more gone and forgotten places we have enjoyed and noticed our friends Larry and Marilyn were heading to San Carlos from Stone Island (Mazatlan Mexico). 2009 on our way to Mazatlan (our beginning trip to Mexico) We had a ball and really appreciated their help getting us into Mexico. Source: Our Awesome Travels


Fish and Shellfish : Weber Grill by the Record by Weber (1996, Paperback) 03/12/15, @giulianoflores7


  • Fish Tacos Means

    chili powder, cumin, cumin, dill weed, fish, garlic salt, garlic salt, fish, lemon, mayonnaise, monterey jack cheese, flour tortillas, sauce, sour cream

  • Well-spiced Grilled Fish

    catfish fillets, cayenne, ginger, garlic, green onion, lemon juice, soy sauce, onion powder, paprika, vegetable oil


  • Techniques for Grilling Fish

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2015. ISBN: 9781558326699,1558326693. 128 pages.

    Includes bibliographical references and formula.

  • 25 Essentials: Techniques for Grilling Fish

    Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. 2010. ISBN: 9781558327641,1558327649. 128 pages.

    There’s something questionable going on – on the grill, that is. That’s a good thing, when we’re talking grilled seafood. It’s easy to cook up great fish and shellfish on the grill, once you’ve mastered the essentials. Lucky for you, you’ve found those essentials, right here in this tome. With this handy guide by your side, you won’t be fishing for compliments – they’ll swim right up to you. Go fish, anyone? Recipes in this handy volume include Grilled Tilapia with Spicy Lemon Fleck Rub, Asian Tuna Burgers with Wasabi Mayo, Herb-Grilled John Dory with Rosemary Aioli, Pernod-Buttered Lobster Bottom, and Grilled Crab Cakes with Chile-Lime Sauce.

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  • Unleash your inner BBQ quell with these 10 grilling accessories

    03/16/15 ,via The Business Insider

    Fish is way more puristic that steak — so it makes sense ... You'll want a solid grill brush that gets the hard to reach areas. Weber grill brush: $11.84 $7.99 [33% off] Disclosure: This stay is brought to you by Business Insider's Insider Picks team.

  • Paisley Street Products Releases Practical Grilling Accessory for Tailgating Party Hosts

    03/08/15 ,via News Wire

    When you use the BBQ Defence BBQ Grill Mat you get succulent meats, fish and all your favorite food without the ... I use it at home on my Weber Genesis, and even at high temperatures the BBQ shield works like a charm. I got a couple of more sets for ...

  • Cookhouse Cops: March 5th

    03/06/15 ,via Action 10 News

    We begin with our A-listers.Bagdad Fish Seafood on Leopard scored a 96 ... North Heavy water Street.Topping our B-list is The Bay Bar Grill located at 485... Some good news, Big Bowl BBQ located at 6410 Weber scored a 100.Also on the A-list Gates Donut Rat on ...

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Grilled Turkey - Christmas dinner
Grilled Turkey - Christmas dinner
cooked on a weber grill, Christmas Day
Photo by dane brian on Flickr
All set to Eat
All set to Eat
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Weber® Stainless Dagger Fish Basket - Large
Weber® Stainless Dagger Fish Basket - Large
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Home ground > Grill Accessories > Weber Grill Fish Turner
... Weber Flair Grill Pan 430-Grade Stainless Steel Dishwasher-Saf e Fish
... Weber Flair Grill Pan 430-Grade Stainless Steel Dishwasher-Saf e Fish