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Weber Grill Cleaning Kit - Grill Spray Cleaner, Stainless Steel Polish, Grill Scraper, Stain Remover, and 10 Grill Scrubber Pads by Weber

  • Comes With Exterior Grill Cleaner, Grate Cleaner For Grease...
  • Includes Grill Grate Scrubber Handle With 15 Scrubber Pads
  • Weber Stainless Steel Grill Kit Has Everything You Need To Be A...


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Product Description

Weber Stainless Steel Barbecue Grill Cleaning Kit is the premier way to keep your grill in pristine condition. Founded in 1893, Weber products have long been the trusted source for outdoor grills and grill accessories. Weber grills are synonymous with backyard barbecues and summertime parties, and this kit gives you everything you need to become the grill master your father always wanted you to be.

This Weber grill care kit comes with one stainless steel polish spray (12 oz), one grate grill cleaner (16 oz), one stubborn stain remover (6 oz) with 2 pads, one grate grill scrubber handle and twenty-five additional scrubber pads.

This kit is the all-in-one kit you need to keep your grill looking fresh for your next party. There is an outside grill spray to keep the exterior looking clean and a spray for the grates to remove excess barbecue residue. For tough stains, use the stain remover and scrubber pads.

Prepare for this summer the right way. Use this Weber grill kit to keep your grill shining bright all season.

Weber #70377 Set of 2 Replacement Control Knobs for Summit Grills by Weber

  • Knobs measure approximately 2-1/2" in diameter.
  • Weber part # 70377 Set of 2 replacement knobs for Weber Summit gas...
  • Please visit Weber's website to ensure you order the correct parts...


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Product Description

Fits the following models: 1710001 '07 Summit S-420 Gas Grill; 1711001 '08 Summit E-420 Gas Grill; 1730501 Summit S-440 Built-In Gas Grill; 1740001 '07 Summit S-450 Gas Grill; 1740301 '09 Summit 450 Gas Grill; 1741001 '08 Summit E-450 Gas Grill; 1741301 '09 Summit 450 Gas Grill; 1750001 '07 Summit S-620 Gas Grill; 1751001 '08 Summit E-620 Gas Grill; 1770501 Summit S-640 Built-In Gas Grill; 1780301 '09 Summit 650 Gas Grill; 1781001 '07 Summit E-650 Gas Grill; 1781301 '09 LP Summit 650 Gas Grill; 1810001 '07 Summit S-420 Gas Grill; 1811001 '08 Summit E-420 Gas Grill; 1830501 Summit S-440 Built-In Gas Grill; 1840001 Summit S-450 Gas Grill; 1840301 '09 Summit 450 Gas Grill; 1841001 '08 Summit E-450 Gas Grill; 1841301 '09 Summit 450 Gas Grill; 1851001 '08 Summit E-620 Gas Grill; 1870501 Summit S-640 Built-In Gas Grill; 1880001 '07 Summit S-650 Gas Grill; 1880301 '09 Summit 650 Gas Grill; 1881001 '07 Summit E-650 Gas Grill; 1881301 '09 Summit 650 Gas Grill; 7120001 '10 Summit 420 Gas Grill; 7121001 '10 Summit 420 Gas Grill; 7220001 '10 Summit 420 Gas Grill; 7221001 '10 Summit 420 Gas Grill; 7320001 '10 Summit 620 Gas Grill; 7420001 '10 Summit 620 Gas Grill; 7421001 '10 Summit 620 Gas Grill; 91710001 '10 Summit 420 Gas Grill; 91711001 '10 Summit 420 Gas Grill; 91740301 '10 Summit 450 Gas Grill; 91741301 '10 Summit 450 Gas Grill; 91750001 '10 Summit 620 Gas Grill; 91751001 '10 Summit 620 Gas Grill; 91781301 '10 Summit 650 Gas Grill; 91810001 '10 Summit 420 Gas Grill; 91811001 '10 Summit 420 Gas Grill; 91840301 '10 Summit 450 Gas Grill; 91841301 '10 Summit 450 Gas Grill; 91850001 '10 Summit 620 Gas Grill; 91851001 '10 Summit 620 Gas Grill; 91881301 '10 Summit 650 Gas Grill; 1851001 (2008)(NG) Summit E-620 Grill - Black; 7321001 (2010-2011)(LP) Summit E-620 Grill - Black; 1850001 (NG) Summit S-620 Grill - SS; 7320001 (2010-2011)(LP) Summit S-620 Grill - SS,7420021 (2010-2011)(NG) Summit S-620 Grill - SS

Weber Grills-Gas Grill Cleaning

http://bit. ly/JA52f5 | With all the grilling activity going on it can be easy to forget some of the most important parts of grilling--cleaning and maintenance.


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  • Weber's Big Libretto of Barbecue

    Hachette UK. 2014. ISBN: 9780600630241,0600630242. 336 pages.
  • The Findability Procedure

    John Wiley & Sons. 2009. ISBN: 0470445645,9780470445648. 256 pages.

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  • St. Patrick's Day in the suburbs: More than a wee bit Irish

    03/13/15 ,via Daily Herald

    Now from one end to the other Wednesday, try Weber Grill's St. Patrick's Day-inspired menu featuring its ... The evening includes the McNulty Irish Dancers and live music by DW-Gas plus a corned beef and cabbage dinner. $20 for bread-only ticket; $25 for food plus three ...

  • 58th Annual PTO Pancake Breakfast served on Cortege 7

    03/01/15 ,via Hudson Hub-Times

    Pre-trade tickets, discounted a dollar ... Raffle tickets are being sold for prizes, including a Weber Spirit Gas Grill from Hudson Ace Hardware ($670); iPad Mini and products from Titanic Clips ($400); Xbox One Bundle ($500); GoPro Hero 3 Silver Edition ...

  • "Canadian nursing home improvement retailer and distributor Rona Inc on Tuesday reported higher ..."

    02/17/15 ,via AD HOC News

    Dazu weiter: Defensive Dollar To Weigh On Wolverine's '15 EPS, Sales. Wolverine Worldwide ... the world's leading manufacturer of outdoor gas and charcoal grills, announces a dominant addition to its popular Weber® Q® gas grill line.

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