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Weber 7536 Porcelain-Enameled Flavorizer Bars(22.5 X 2.3 x 2.3 ) by Weber

  • Set Of 5 Porcelain-Enameled Flavorizer Bars
  • Fits Spirit 300 Series (With Side-Mounted Control Panel), Spirit...
  • Easy To Install. Each bar is 22-1/2 inch long



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Catch Drippings That Smoke And Sizzle, Adding A Smoky Flavor To Food. Set of 5. Fits Spirit 300 Series (With Side-Mounted Control Panel), Spirit 700, Genesis Silver B/C, Genesis Gold B/C (2002 And Newer Models), Genesis Platinum B/C (2005 Model Year), And Weber 900 Gas Grills.

Weber 50060001 Q1000 Liquid Propane Grill by Weber

  • Porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grates and cast aluminum lid...
  • One stainless steel burner produces 8500 BTU-per-hour to heat 189...
  • Fully assembled out of box



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Restyled for 2014, the Weber Q 100 is now the Weber Q 1000. The grill has the same great performance and sleek styling, but adds new aesthetics that are both functional and fun, including larger grip handle and control knobs, ergonomic side handles, sturdy front and rear cradles plus the familiar Weber Q logo branded in the lid. Split grates allow for a grate/griddle cooking combination: Just replace one of the grates with the Q 1000-series compatible griddle (sold separately) and experience a delicious alternative way of preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner on your grill. Durable, but lightweight, cast-aluminum construction of the Weber Q 1000 makes this super-portable grill the perfect tailgating companion. Used on the go, it runs on disposable LP cylinders (not included), but can be a stationary a stay-at-home grill also. An optional LP adapter hose for hook up to a 20-lb. tank is available as an accessory. Reliable starts are assured with the simple-to-operate push-button ignition. Burgers, brats and dogs are easily handled, but a large variety of other foods may also be cooked at any temperatures from low to high. Just dial-in the proper heat setting by adjusting the infinite control burner valve. May be used with Weber Portable Cart model #6557.

Weber Gas Grill Living - Cleaning, Replacing Grates & Flavorizer Bars

I was having a fine kettle of fish getting my middle burner to ignite off of the front one, so I decided to perform some maintenance. Weber Genesis Silver B Porcelain-En.

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Set of 4 Best BBQ Grill Mat (3) 13 x 16 inch (1) Extra Large 16 x 20 inch Heavy Duty by

Summer is a time to enjoy with family and friends; and what is better than spending a sunny day barbecuing and sharing a drink with your buddies? But nobody like the after clean up, so instead of having to cancel plans because you don't feel like cleaning, make the best of the day with the grill mats that allow you to clean up in a breeze! Enjoy the sun, the company of your friends and a cold beer this summer. Perfect For Barbecue - These Grill Nation grilling and cooking mats are designed to help you achieve not only a delicious meal but a perfect one. With a heat resistance up to 500F, you can get perfect grill marks on your food without worrying about burning your mats Multipurpose - Even though they are perfect for any type of grill - Weber, CharBroil, Big Green Egg, smoker, charcoal, propane, gas, or electric - you can also use them in your kitchen for cooking and baking cookies and other desserts Customizable - with a set of 3 mats measuring 13in x 16in and an extra large 16in x 20in you can be sure you'll get what you need. You can cut the mats to any size or shape that you need or desire to fit your grill or double as a cooking sheet Keep It Mess-Free - Keep your food from falling in between the grates and making a mess of your grill. Reusable and top rack dishwasher safe, keeping your grill clean is as easy as 1-2-3 Benefits: Clean up your grill in a breeze Get the much coveted grill marks on your meal Customize to any size or shape to fit your needs Reusable, you won't need to buy anymore Top rack dishwasher safe


The Weber Grill Aggregation Keeps Growing

I have to refrain from looking through Craigslist. I really, really have to stop looking through Craigslist. So, I was looking through Craigslist and saw a Weber Genesis Gold C being sold for $20. This is a big three burner undying with an extended cart and side burner. I bought it. The burner tubes, ignition and grill grates were shot. I spent $140 on parts, swapped everything out then discovered that the gas valve stems in the miscellaneous were seized up. I am making progress getting them moving again with the help of Liquid Wrench and a pair of channel locks. Here is what the whole Weber collection looks like these days. I have a few other non-Webers in the garage but these are the grills I disposition the most. Craigslist keeps sucking me in but I just can’t stop looking. I am certain that I will eventually score the Holy Grail of Weber grills, the Weber Ranch kettle , if I am fixed enough. The Weber Ranch kettle is Weber’s largest charcoal grill. The Ranch is simply glorious. I keep hoping that I will find a used Ranch kettle listed in Craigslist for $300. It doesn’t sting to dream. Source: Grilling Fanatic


@MateoTorgy Hi!HD carries both types on their .com. The unique excluding has a diff door & comes w/ GBS grates w/ griddle. 03/15/15, @WeberGrills


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  • Paisley Method Products Releases Practical Grilling Accessory for Tailgating Party Hosts

    03/08/15 ,via News Wire

    They forestall food from direct contact to grill grates, eliminating exposure to bacteria ... over 50 years and think it's the greatest invention since the gas grill. I use it at home on my Weber Genesis, and even at high temperatures the BBQ safeguard works ...

  • Weber Q Order Changes The Way You See Grilling

    VAUGHAN, ON, Feb. 17, 2015 /CNW/ – Weber-Stephen Canada Co., a ... FEATURES: The Q 1200 gas grill has 189 na inches of cooking space, porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates, two folding work tables, electronic ignition, and a built-in thermometer.

  • Weber Q Edge Changes The Way You See Grilling

    02/17/15 ,via The Street

    VAUGHAN, ON, Feb. 17, 2015 /CNW/ - Weber-Stephen Canada Co., a subsidiary ... FEATURES: The Q 1200 gas grill has 189 precise inches of cooking space, porcelain-enameled cast iron cooking grates, two folding work tables, electronic ignition, and a built ...

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Zeal grilled eggplant
Zeal grilled eggplant
Upright spices, light coat of olive oil, and grill. Ten minutes from our garden to grill. I cut mine a little thicker than you usually see -- about 2/3 to 1 inch. Cook Conditions: 15 minutes Ingredients: I used four eggplants 4 large eggplant half cup olive oil 4 tablespoons balsamic vinegar 2-4 cloves garlic minced 1 collar each thyme, basil, dill, and oregano salt and freshly grated black pepper
Photo by woodleywonderworks on Flickr
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The wrong starter is because the grate it is sitting on is warped from all of the gas starts. Thanks to Amazon, the new one should be here tomorrow.
Photo by Another Pint Please... on Flickr
The Weber cooking fret is made of porcelain-enameled cast-iron and ...
The Weber cooking fret is made of porcelain-enameled cast-iron and ...
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