Did Yoga Help You Lose Weight


Does yoga help you lose weight and tone

A few ideas and my personal idea on why yoga helps people to lose weight and tone.

Daks' Workout Plan

Seemingly overnight, when I used to be able to eat eba at 9pm and be rocking a crop top at 11pm, I now had to give myself a few hours to lose a food belly, my clothes started getting. tight (this isn't normal for me, it used to take me years to outgrow clothes), my arms were looking heavy. I took a good, hard look at my newly rounder body and decided enough was enough, laziness be damned, I was going to get my life back. Initially I did a lot of cardio. running, dance and aerobic classes, one hour on the treadmill etc and the result was drastic, I lost 10kg in two months and my hips went from 42 inches to 40 (which was a disaster btw). My trainer and I worked out that I really couldn't afford to lose any more weight as I honestly didn't have a lot to begin with so I reduced cardio to 10-15 minutes on the elliptical everyday and one day a week dance classes, instead of everyday,... I used to eat gargantuan sized meals, which made no sense because after eating them, I'd be in pain from stomach cramps. Reducing my portions helped a lot, I realized that I actually didn't need that much food in the first place. Because the stomach takes a while to communicate to the brain that its full, normally I'd eat way past my capability before I knew I was full and I'm a fast eater (thanks to boarding house), so I was literally outrunning brain waves while eating. I slashed my portions in half and ate way slower to give my brain time to catch up. I completely cut out, fizzy drinks, even juices and I only exclusively drink water. It hurt me a lot, to give out my unopened cartons of Maltina but something had to give. Funny enough I really don't miss drinking soda's and stuff. Like I thought I'd be gagging for a Maltina by Day 2, but I honestly don't even think about it. I drink water with everything now, haven't yet got to the 8 glasses level because mans can't live in the bathroom you know. My life can't be reduced to bathroom breaks, but I'm definitely drinking way more water than I used to. Reduced Carbs. I couldn't cut out carbs completely, so I just reduced my intake. The big sacrifice was rice and plantain, because those are pretty much staples, I couldn't cut them out completely so I just reduced them and when I'm having either I try to load up on vegetables to balance it out. I cut out eba completely though, like I haven't had eba since April. something I thought I'd miss, but its been much easier than I expected. I used to be the girl who'd get home after a night out and eat a heavy meal, like I ate at all hours without caring. Now however, I started with no eating after 7pm but that was a bit much and I ended up eating crap around 11pm because I was hungry, so I stretched it to 'no eating after 9pm'. Except for when I was on holiday, I've stuck to it for almost 5 months... I've never really being a snacker, funny enough for such a previously unhealthy person I'm not big on chocolates or biscuits and stuff. Which meant that whenever I felt peckish I'd eat a meal instead of a snack, which of course is always a bad idea. Now I stock up on fruits, mixed nuts and yoghurt and whenever I get the pangs between meals, I have some of them and load up on the water and I'm right as rain. -------------------------------------------------------- These measures might seem a bit drastic but that's because I was a very unhealthy person, I couldn't walk 5 steps without panting, I never climbed the stairs, I ate dangerously. I could do all this because it seems my body is an incinerator and everything I put in it just burned away mysteriously and it never showed on the outside. So I could get away with a lot of the risks I took. But I had to make a lifestyle change and I had to do it fast and it was pretty easy to do to be honest. If someone told me 5 months ago that I'd be able to do half of what I'm doing now I'd have laughed. Sometime 2013, I lost about 9kg after receiving a smilar wake up call to the one you experience. Fast forward to 2015, post husband and one bambino, I am in a worse position than I was in 2013. For the life of me I cannot bring myself to work on the weight loss seriously. Wanna have another baby and then go ham and lose everything I need to lose and return to my 2013 weight or less even by my 30th birthday. So help me God. if i'm happy, i eat right, exercise, etc. If i'm going through my phases, then it's zero fitness/health. I legit used to be one of the healthiest, fitness nuts you'll find around, but these days. Source: THIRD WORLD PROFASHIONAL . com

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