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Aero-Flex "No More Line!" Universal Replacement Trimmer Head by Aero

  • No parts to lose, Uses 4 Aero-Flex Line Blades for durable,...
  • Efficient cutting-lower to upper RPM range, Aerodynamic: saves fuel...
  • Fits 99% of all gas trimmers only-safely and securely No...


Product Description

Finally, a pleasant trimming experience! Four (4) easy-loading, powerful, economical, strong & reliable No More Line!TM Aero-flex® Line Blades: uniquely aerodynamic and streamlined (like an air plane wing) to recover lost drag power, save fuel, get bigger jobs done faster without the usual hassles. Scientifically engineered to outperform fishing line: withstands concrete and fences, slashes heavier vegetation, cuts grass cleaner with lift, and blows debris. Simple & Easy! For GAS TRIMMERS ONLY, does not fit electric or battery powered trimmers.

Dewalt DCKO97M1 20V MAX Lithium-Ion Cordless String Trimmer/Blower Combo by DEWALT

  • Tools are Compatible with Dewalt Battery Models DCB200, DCB201,...
  • Blower Delivers a Wind Speed of 90 MPH
  • Brushless Motor Delivers Optimized Continuous Performance


Product Description

This 20-Volt Max String Trimmer kit is a value-filled combo to tackle your outdoor projects. This bundle includes a string trimmer, blower and extra battery pack. The DEWALT 20-Volt Max Brushless String Trimmer (DCST920P1) provides precise power control with a variable speed trigger as well as performance and run time management with the High/Low speed control switch.

String Trimmer, Weed Whacker, Weedie.... Whatever you want to call them. How to Choose Compare

Gas string trimmers http://www. com/search/category/5270 Electric Strin Trimmers http://www. toolselect. com/search/category/5059 Cordless String.

Tool Test: The 5 Best Edgers To Tame Your Lawn - Popular Mechanics

Even after two and a half days spent comparing six heavy-duty string trimmers at the edges of trails, barns, outbuildings and stone walls, no victor had emerged. So I started them all and began cross-testing them, one at a time, along hundreds of yards of horse fence. When a machine started to vibrate or its cutting effectiveness declined as I leaned into the thick grass and weeds beneath the bottom rail, I turned it off. Rounding a bend with the last two trimmers, I closed in on an overgrown drainage ditch. Scything into it, one trimmer whispered a hint of vibration and fatigue. Of course, not everyone has a horse farm to keep up, but whether you need a tough trimmer or simply like solid equipment, read on to find the best machine to help you maintain your property. Decibels (A-weighted): 107. Engine Size (CC): 21. 2. The Echo began the test with some vibration, but it settled in nicely and ran smoothly, cutting with nearly explosive power and torque. As its performance improved, we just drove it harder and harder until it outran everything else along the horse fence. Add other features such as a robust skidplate and excellent service access points, and this is a machine at home where the tall grass grows. Also, we think the Echo deserves a momentary stop switch (one that flips back automatically to run position). Instead, it has a sliding switch with two fixed positions that you have to double-check every time you start the machine. Source:

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    The weed wacker had no string and we got nowhere near the animal with the trimmer. Main concern at this point is cleaning up the mess for David and getting that poor Over the last five years I have learned a lot from photo assisting some of the


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    As my daughter and son-in-law chatted, I spotted something on the floor of the garage. It was a string trimmer— a big string trimmer— a big rechargeable string trimmer. Okay, I call it a string trimmer, but there are a zillion names attributed to the ...

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    Answer: Look for chewed or torn bark on each of these plants plus the ones that are still alive. The symptoms sound like string-trimmer or rodent damage. Each of these can contribute to a slow decline of the plants. Often new growth starts from surviving ...


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