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Are you overweight? Are you fed up with the obesity? Do you want to cut off your excess weight in a easy way and still can have delicious foods? If yes, then this book is right for you. The book already sold more than 385000 copies, and helped many of them have lost weight and got better health! You will also get the benefits of it!

By Following a Ketogenic Diet, You Will Get:

1. Weight Loss And Reduction In Hunger  

2. Immunity From Craving

3. Lower Blood Pressure And Cholesterol 

4. Decrease In Triglycerides, Blood Sugar And Insulin Levels

5. Decrease In Crp And Hba1c Proteins

6. Increase In Energy And Decrease In Joint Pain

7. Reduction In The Rate Of Brain Fog   

8. Better Digestion And Mood Stabilization

9. Gum Disease And Tooth Decay

10. More And More...

What Will You Find In This Book?

1. Overview Of Ketogenic Diet

2. The Benefits Of Ketogenic Diet

3. 11 Mistakes You Need To Avoid

4. Steps To a Successful Keto Weight Loss Journey

5. Foods To Avoid And Foods To Eat

6. 3 Weeks Ketogenic Diet Meal Plan

7. 50 Flavored And Simple Recipes

8. More And More...

This book is not just only a cookbook. It is a complete guide for your body health. You will be more thinner, regain confidence and become more healthier and happier! All the recipes in this book are chef-proven and well chosen, which are all delicious and easy to make, all you need to do now is just follow this book and put it into action! You will find unbelievable result!

For more information, please just scroll up and click the “BUY NOW” button! You will know all you want. Take Action Now!

"100% guarantee full refund if you don't like it!”

Product Description

Have you ever wanted to lose weight and defeat type two diabetes?
If you have struggled to lose weight or have type two diabetes and are worried about its devastating health impact on you and your family please read The Set Point Protocol Diet description.
Hi my name is Clay Damewood. For 21 years I struggled with weight gain and the devastating side effects of type two diabetes.
My highest weight was 320 pounds and because I was morbidly obese and type two diabetic, I suffered from retinopathy, neuropathy, a detached retina, and sleep apnea, an enlarged heart, poor circulation, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, swollen ankles, slow healing, frequent infections, gum disease and the start of kidney disease .
Type two diabetes and high blood sugar levels were literally rotting every organ in my body. I was at high risk for a stroke, heart attack and early death.
I also suffered from lifestyle deficiencies.
I could not travel on airlines comfortably, would breath heavily upon exertion, had ED, couldn’t walk long distances, could not bend and kneel over, had frequent heartburn hemorrhoids, spent thousands of dollars on insulin and diabetes drugs, could not buy normal off-the-rack clothes, lost confidence and respect at my job and I wondered if I would stop earning and become a burden to my family.
Does this sound familiar to you?
One day after getting a grave warning from my doctor I woke up asking myself if I was going to just keep getting fatter and die from the horrible side effects of diabetes,
… lose my feet from amputation, have kidney failure, go blind, lose my teeth, or worse die from a heart attack or stroke.
Shockingly the common oral medicine treatments of Avandia, Actos and Metformin now have FDA warnings. Meanwhile newer treatments like Invokana are under scrutiny.
What was left to take to control high blood sugar and its life threatening side effects other than insulin? Soon I was up to 200 units of insulin a day causing more weight gain and more insulin resistance.
Frustrated and angry with all of the misinformation from big pharma, doctors, the government and all of the lies on the internet about cures I started doing my own research.
I discovered three natural, doctor supported lifestyle protocols that all have one thing in common. These protocols re-set your body weight set point, ignite massive weight loss while at the same time defeating type two diabetes and its deadly side effects.

I call these protocols The Set Point Protocols. When you are type two diabetic and insulin resistant, persistently high levels of the hormone insulin in your body will not allow you to lose weight by accessing your fat stores for energy

… but The Set Point Protocol Diet lowers insulin levels and finally allows your body to burn fat as fuel, lose weight and process sugar normally.
You probably think you have heard of this before but not the way I combine ketogenic and phytonutrient diets with intermittent fasting. These three set point protocols make for a powerful weight loss and diabetes defeating strategy.
I vowed I would share these protocols with as many of my fellow diabetics as I could. I never figured to be at the center of the diabetes epidemic but as they say necessity is the mother of invention.

Today after using the combined methods in The Set Point Protocol Diet I am over 100 pounds lighter and all of my doctors are amazed.
I do not suffer from Type Two Diabetes or any of its side effects. My HA1C is 6. Retinopathy gone, neuropathy gone, sleep apnea gone, heart is normal, gum disease gone and my blood pressure has normalized. Better yet, I am also drug and insulin free.
Here is the deal. Stop blaming yourself. It is not your fault. I am just like you and if I can do it you can too.


Tim Ferriss and The 4-Hour Body on "The View"

From the January 14, 2011 episode of "The View. " Here's where you can purchase the sleep gadgets mentioned in the video:.

Hope for Mackenzie: Can medical marijuana help a local girl cope with epilepsy? - Utica Observer Dispatch

Over the years, Mackenzie has tried a least seven medications, many of them with nasty side effects: grogginess, a rash every time she gets hot, more seizures, and an un-Mackenzie-like tendency toward violence, her parents said. She’s also been on a cumbersome ketogenic diet for years, one that only allows her to eat 10 grams of carbohydrates a day, less than what’s in a slice of white bread. As the Kulawys wait for the state program, the stakes are high for Mackenzie. Four children in the state have died of epilepsy-related causes since the governor signed the medical marijuana legislation. Like many doctors, Dr. Inna Hughes, pediatric neurologist at Strong Memorial Hospital and assistant professor at the University of Rochester, hesitates to prescribe a treatment that lacks evidence of its effectiveness and even information on safe... So she’ll continue to treat Mackenzie, but she’s leaving the certificate writing to one of her colleagues in her practice. “I have absolutely no way to gauge right now if the risks compared to the benefits of this treatment outweigh the risks vs. the benefits of the ketogenic diet which she’s on, or outweigh the risks of the other medications that she’s on,” Hughes said. “We have no information that helps us to break that down and help the family make an informed decision. ” “We don’t know much (about the efficacy and safety of CBD or medical marijuana in these patients),” said H. Steve White, professor and director for the Anticonvulsant Drug Development Program at the University of Utah. “It’s important to note that there are no controlled clinical trials with medical marijuana or Charlotte’s Web (the medical strain used in Colorado that’s high in cannabidiol). “We made his makeshift bed on our floor like we always did, and I laid down next to him and he fell asleep and two minutes passed, 10 minutes passed, half a hour passed, one hour passed and there were no seizures,” she recalled. “I woke up startled and he was still was not having any seizures, and he did not for 48 hours. ” Anecdotal evidence, no matter how compelling, fails to control for all the other factors that could affect a patient’s condition. Without controlled studies, it’s difficult to know, for example, if patients who seem to get better – or worse – on medical marijuana are responding to CBD or if the CBD is affecting the metabolism of other drugs, which could lead to increased or... - Patients must have eligible medical conditions or complications and be certified by their doctors and registered with the state before they can make a purchase. Eligible conditions include cancer, HIV or AIDS, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), Parkinson’s disease, epilepsy, inflammatory bowel disease and Huntington’s disease. Source: www.uticaod.com

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  • The 4-Hour Body

    Harmony. 2010. ISBN: 9780307463654,0307463656. 576 pages.

    Thinner, bigger, faster, stronger... which 150 pages will you read? Is it possible to: Reach your genetic potential in 6 months? Sleep 2 hours per day and perform better than on 8 hours? Lose more fat than a marathoner by bingeing? Indeed, and much more. This is not just another diet and fitness book. The 4-Hour Body is the result of an obsessive quest, spanning more than a decade, to hack the human body. It contains the collective wisdom of hundreds of elite athletes, dozens of MDs, and thousands of hours of jaw-dropping personal experimentation. From Olympic training centers to black-market laboratories, from Silicon Valley to South Africa, Tim Ferriss, the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The 4-Hour Workweek, fixated on one life-changing question: For all things physical, what...

  • The Ketogenic Diet

    Lyle McDonald. 1998. ISBN: 9780967145600,0967145600. 323 pages.

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