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ChaLEAN Extreme DVD Workout by Beachbody

  • Includes helpful tools such as the Extreme Motivation CD, a...
  • Includes 15 plateau-busting workouts on 6 DVDs
  • Burn up to 60% of your body fat with Beachbody trainer Chalene Johnson


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Get ready to burn fat, boost your metabolism, and get LEAN with ChaLEAN Extreme. Beachbody trainer Chalene Johnson uses cardio and resistance training in a brand-new way to get you better results in less time. Now you can burn up to 60% of your body fat in just 3 months and see visible results every 30 days!

The secret is Lean Phasing. Chalene Johnson's technique shifts your fat-burning focus from cardio to resistance training. By adding resistance training in 3 steps, you'll build lean muscle, and that's what supercharges your metabolism so you burn fat long after your workout—even while you sleep.

ChaLEAN Extreme comes with 15 workouts on 6 DVDs, Extreme Motivation CD, Pro-Grade Resistance Band, Thigh Toner Band, Body Fat Tester, Muscle Burns Fat Guidebook and Fat Burning Food Guide.

Limited Edition Speed Agility Training DVD by Sport Speed

  • Improve quickness through Accelerated Foot Strike and Lift Frequency
  • Build and improve the professional movement skills to excel in...
  • Supported Sports: Basketball, Soccer, Mixed Martial Arts, American...


Product Description

Speed and Agility Training Instructional Series DVD

It's been said that unless you're born with speed you'll never be fast enough. We are here to show you that's a myth. Year after year we help athletes become faster and stronger. The most common pitfall we see in slower athletes is the lack of proper technique. So, the question is how do you acquire the correct technique?

Having a personal trainer is great! However, often times you may not have the resources to pay a trainer or may not be able to train with one. That's where we can help you. Our goal is to help provide you the tools you need to practice correct technique and get faster. So, for about the cost of attending a speed clinic you can train yourself over and again using your own personal equipment and our Speed and Agility Training Instructional DVD. Whatever your sport, this instructional series DVD will teach you and re-teach you until you ultimately begin forming the correct habits you need to maximize your SPEED.

As you practice these exercises, you will begin to strengthen the muscles that are essential in building speed. Learn resistance training at its finest! It maximizes your force application, power, running mechanics & acceleration.

Enhance your focus on moving with your opponents and reacting to unpredictable variables and build precise timing and body control ideal for agility training drills.

Supported Sports: Basketball, Soccer, Mixed Martial Arts, American Football, Tennis, Hockey, Volleyball, Rugby, Baseball, Swimming, Cricket, Track and Field, Volleyball and Wrestling.