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There are many times we encounter with the question of what to do with, for example, with a glass bottle, which by its form or its particularity, we do not want to throw the glass to the container. At the same time, we do not know this for what can serve us.
This happens to us because although we like the bottle, their potential is not exploited.
This manual is for to provide for these objects in glass, an original charm that no leaves us no doubt.
With the procedures and results presented, we shall be able to recycle any glass container and turn it into a unique, original object, which monopolizes all the attention in any of the areas of the house where it is exposed with a highly decorative capacity. With this book we want to provide to the objects of a new functionality and, better still, with a ridiculous investment.

Sticker Celtic Cross durable Boat (5 X 3,79 In. ) Vinyl color Black by DT-stickers Celtic

  • Vinyl of pretty good quality, self adhesive, waterproof. Durability...
  • Vinyl color Black
  • Shipping from Greece to USA about 12-15 business days


Product Description

Sold by DT STICKERS. Durability up to 6-8 years in indoor and outdoor conditions. Sticker can be applied to multiple surfaces, including bumpers, car windows, lockers, mirrors, metal, wood, Jet ski, ATV, any vehicle or any other flat but non porous surface. Top quality cast vinyl, self adhesive, waterproof. Stickers are made to last, meaning that your designs won't wash off, fade, or peel. Excellent product with outstanding high tack adhesive with excellent fuel and salt resistance.

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Craft Consortium DECP314 Decoupage Papers 13.75 x 15.75 in. 3 Pack - Darling Rose by

Craft Consortium bring to you, these premium sets of Decoupage papers for your papercraft and upcycling projects. These durable papers are ideal for covering a variety of surfaces and objects. Features Craft Consortium Decoupage Papers 3 Pack Design - Darling Rose Durable and strong Size - 13.75 x 15.75 in.