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Swoop, dive, glide, float, and hover with these 35 brilliant flying objects and animals that can be made in minutes. Mari and Roshin Ono bring you How to Make Paper Planes and Other Flying Objects, which comes with all the paper you will need to make the projects—so grab a piece and prepare for take off! With four great chapters looking at different types of flying object, you will find a whole host of new ways to make your paper fly. The first chapter looks at the classic aeroplane design that we all know and love, and then develops it to produce more exciting planes that are sure to win any flying contest, going longer and faster than you have ever seen before. If kites are your thing, then the projects based on traditional Japanese designs will no doubt appeal. Next up, you’ll find flying animals and great ideas for insect lovers, so you’ll soon catch the origami bug and want to make the dragonfly or crane. Lastly, budding pilots will love the rockets, space shuttles, and other flying objects.

Product Description

I have found a class of objects for which the appearance of each member changes drastically when it is reflected in a mirror. A typical example is a roof of a garage: it appears to be a rounded roof, but when reflected in a mirror, it changes into a corrugated roof. We named this class of objects “ambiguous solids”.
A rigid object and its mirror image should be mirror images of each other; the object cannot change into another shape. Therefore, what is happening to the reflection is not a physical change, but an optical illusion, created by the perceptual system in our brain.
This book shares the joy of ambiguous solid illusion.


Chapter 1 Let’s Make Ambiguous Solids from Unfolded Surfaces
1.1 Ambiguous Garage Roof
1.2 Convex Hexagon and Twin Triangles
1.3 Jumping Rooster
1.4 Rounded Roof and Triple-Triangle Roof
1.5 Triple-Triangle Roof and Double-Trapezoidal Roof
1.6 Rounded Roof and Double-Trapezoidal Roof
1.7 Height-Reversing Rounded Roof
1.8 Height-Reversing Triangle Roof
1.9 Comet and Star
1.10 Wine Glass and Bottle
1.11 Rocket and UFO
1.12 Bird and Fish
1.13 Ribbon and Crown
Chapter 2 Let’s Appreciate Ambiguous Solid Illusions
2.1 Ambiguous Solids for Basic Shapes
2.2 Playing Card Series
2.3 Garage Roof Series
2.4 Ambiguous Solids for Ordinary Shapes
2.5 Butterfly Series
2.6 Vertical Cylinders Series
2.7 Miracle Mirror Series
2.7.1 Translation Mirror
2.7.2 180° Rotation Mirror
2.7.3 90° Rotation Mirror
2.7.4 Right-Left Relation-Preserving Mirror
2.7.5 Mirror That Turns Over
Chapter 3 Let’s Think about the Mathematics Behind This
3.1 Ambiguity in Depth
3.2 Preference for Right Angles
3.3 Cylinder with a Uniform Length
3.4 How to Make Ambiguous Cylinders
3.5 How to Make Height-Reversing Cylinders