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Pet Parade Grey Siberian Kitten Toy (Grey) by Flair

  • There are 6 breeds to collect
  • Realistic movements and interact with their accessories!
  • Contains 1 kitten with wool ball, lead and customisable collar.


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Product Description

Pet Parade kittens walk and have realistic movements! The kittens can be made to walk and move using a joystick button on their back.

Pressing this button makes the kitten walk in the direction their owner chooses and allows kids to move their kitten's head, eyes and tail!

The kittens can also interact with their accessories! The kittens can chase accessories, pick up their wool ball and interact with other kittens.

Attach the kitten's lead to the collar and take your kitten for a walk. Each kitten has their own fish-shaped tag so you can customise the tag with the name of your kitten.

This pack contains 1 kitten with wool ball, lead and customisable collar. There are 6 breeds to collect - White Shorthair, Grey Chartreux, Red Siberian, Black Cat, Grey Siberian, White Persian - so adopt them all and start your own Pet Club.

These cute, realistic kittens are compatible with all the Pet Parade playsets and accessories.

Suitable for ages 3 and above. Contents: 1 kitten, 1 wool ball, 1 lead, 1 customisable collar.

6cm x 10cm x 5cm Acual Product Measurements.

Product Description

Everything you need to know about sharing your life with Siberian forest cats and kittens. This book is guaranteed to answer all your questions and is a must have guide for anyone passionate about Siberian forest cats. The book is based of years of experience keeping Siberian Forest cats and is packed full of useful hints and tips about these magnificent creatures. This guide contains up to date information and is full of sound advice including contact details for breeders of Siberian Forest Cats worldwide. Also includes showing, care, owning, feeding tips, Siberian health, play, Siberian cat rescue and re-homing, hypoallergenic traits and personality. In a straight forward, no nonsense fashion, Alex Halton covers all aspects of owning Siberian forest cats. The book is full of sound advice to answer all your questions – a must have guide.