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The Mountain Men's Dean Russo Siberian Husky T-Shirt, Black, Small by The Mountain

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For over 30 years, The Mountain has created ArtWear, apparel that tells your story, projects your personality and expresses your enthusiasm to the world. Our designs let you be bold, fearless and show your inner spirit. We’re dedicated to self-expression and helping you show who you are. For animal lovers everywhere is the Dean Russo Collection. Proudly show your devotion to your beloved pet with one of his classic, contemporary portraits. He expresses his love and affection for animals with his unique pop art style. With a vibrant palette of dramatic colors and bold, street art inspired designs he magically captures the expressions, emotions and feelings of man’s best friend. Strong colors and designs in juxtaposition result in a kaleidoscope patchwork of multimedia art. Deeply concerned with animal welfare, Russo is pro-adoption, pro-rescue and pro-Pit bull, a very misunderstood breed. A portion of the sales from the Russo Rescue Collection are donated to Best Friends Animal Society to help them eliminate the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters. The Mountain is the greenest T-Shirt company in the US. We are courageous in our commitment to the highest quality products, produced in a sustainable way. In a pioneering, proprietary, socially responsible manufacturing process we use only 100% US cotton, solvent-free water-based inks and fiber reactive organic dyes, all free of harmful chemicals. This creates vibrant, dramatic, long-lasting designs on garments and an unmatched, luxurious softness. Our unique dye process produces a special depth of color and a sophisticated visual texture not found in standard Tees. Our inks allow dramatic reproduction of art work while maintaining a soft, comfortable feel unique in the industry. The Mountain wants to maximize self-expression, minimize impact and energize imagination. Our art wear lets you say who you are and what you stand for, we are the canvas for your personality. All products produced by The Mountain will have a Mountain company stamp at the neck of the t-shirt, sweatshirt, hoodie, etc. If you receive a counterfeit product, please contact Amazon so they can take action against the counterfeiter and ensure you receive a genuine product.

MSD Place Mat Non-Slip Natural Rubber Desk Pads design 11621520 Siberian kitten by MSD

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MADE IN USA. Designed, Printed and Shipped out of our California Facility.

Our place mat is made of natural rubber with Fabric. High quality cloth weave surface bonded to a special NON-SLIP 100% natural Eco-Friendly rubber base to enhance precise tracking, effortless control, steady surface support and extended durability. The weave also provides a nice, comfortable feel under your hand, Minimizing Fatigue over extended periods of time.
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After being tested, we found that color might seem a little different (lighter or darker) on different monitors.

After-sales Service:
1. 30 days warranty by MSD. Free return of or replacement within supported if defective.
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Contact Us:
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Siberian kittens - 6 weeks old

Siberian kittens occasionally available in Ontario, Canada: http://sibercats.

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SIBERIAN Street Sign cat breed feline kitty kitten Indoor/Outdoor 30" Wide by

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siberian forest cats as pets siberian cats and kittens the complete guide by Alibris: Books, Music, & Movies

Paperback, NO highlighting or notes, has normal slight wear to edges and corners; otherwise, a tight, clean copy. INV#H-11 VG/no dust jacket


Kittens rescued from oil spill in Nefteyugansk - Siberian Times - The Siberian Times

Two tiny kittens plucked to safety after almost drowning in oil graphically highlight concerns over pollution from a ruptured pipelines in a Siberian region. The young animals were victims of a recent serious spill in Nefteyugansk, which the authorities and oil workers have been seeking to clear up since last month. A local resident Anatoly Tuptey - who was working on fighting the spread of oil in floodwater from from Ob River - said he heard to plaintive cries of the kittens near a dacha (country house) hit by the pollution. In the flooded house a wooden board was floating, with these two kittens clinging on for their lives with their paws. One was up to its neck in the oil. I was up to my waist in the oil. The ground was giving way, my wading boots were full of water mixed with oil, but I didn't care. 'I was rushing to save the kittens. I picked them up, hugged them, and carried them to the shore, where I wrapped them in a T-shirt to warm them up. '. Oil was clogged on their fur, but they are gradually recovering after the shocking experience. A later picture from rescuer Anatoly - now nicknamed 'Baywatch' by his friends, shows one of the kittens playing with his dog. 'A few days earlier I rescued people and equipment when a boat overturned, this day it was kittens. Anatoly posted pictures as he held the kittens which were close to death. He said people were 'heartless' for abandoning their pets in the flood. In the same area, oil has been spewing from domestic water taps. Dramatic pictures showed the scale of the damage in an area close to the city of 123,000 people in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Region. The Ob was anyway flooded when the spill occurred on 23 June and the key damage is to an area already underwater. The pipeline is run by RN-Yuganskneftegas Ltd, part of the Rosneft energy giant, which said on Monday it 'engaged all the necessary measures to eliminate the spill of oil-containing liquid'. The company said its actions had 'prevented' oil reaching the main river, the seventh longest in the world. Critics say that oil companies in Russia should be given harsher penalties as an incentive to prevent spills. Source:

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  • Kittens rescued from oil spill in Nefteyugansk - Siberian Times

    07/09/15 ,via The Siberian Times

    The young animals were victims of a recent serious spill in Nefteyugansk. Picture: Anatoly Tuptey. Two tiny kittens plucked to safety after almost drowning in oil graphically highlight concerns over pollution from a ruptured pipelines in a Siberian region.

  • An untamed mountain: Tigers for Tomorrow offers a peek into wild animals ...

    07/10/15 ,via Sand Mountain Reporter

    McCauley said the animals all rely on four basic instincts: self-preservation, territory, food and relationships. As he walks up to a fenced enclosure, three Siberian tigers rush up to meet him. They see all of the big cats, and then they see the

  • Pets for Adoption: Animal Humane New Mexico

    07/07/15 ,via

    I am a 2 year old Siberian Husky Cross with gorgeous eyes! I am a handsome and active boy looking for a home to call my own! I am smart and energetic and would be happy to learn new commands and skills. My finder says that I am a bit nervous, but very 


RT @swipurr: "This is our Siberian kitten. Her name is Lily." - mikidof #Friday #kitten #furry #swipurr #meow #catapp 07/11/15, @ja1299popoko
RT @swipurr: "This is our Siberian kitten. Her name is Lily." - mikidof #Friday #kitten #furry #swipurr #meow #catapp 07/10/15, @susan4wolves
RT @swipurr: "This is our Siberian kitten. Her name is Lily." - mikidof #Friday #kitten #furry #swipurr #meow #catapp 07/10/15, @doryok0791



  • Adventures of Siberian Cat Katerina

    iUniverse. 2002. ISBN: 9780595224975,0595224970. 112 pages.

    This captivating tale of 11 year old Irene and her Siberian cat Katerina will warm the hearts of children everywhere and take them on a journey of exploration. Irene and Katerina become Earth's ambassadors for an advanced alien race. They are given a glimpse of the future, where life 1000 years from now could be if Earth does not destroy itself.

  • Siberian Forest Cats as Pets. Siberian Cats and Kittens. Complete Guide Includes Health, Breeders, Rescue, Re-Homing and Adoption, Hypoallergenic Trai

    2013. ISBN: 0957697821,9780957697829. 122 pages.

    Everything you need to know about sharing your life with Siberian forest cats and kittens. This book is guaranteed to answer all your questions and is a must have guide for anyone passionate about the Siberian cat. The book is based on years of experience keeping Siberian forest cats and is packed full of useful hints and tips about these magnificent creatures. This guide contains up to date information and is full of sound advice including contact details for breeders of Siberian forest cats and kittens worldwide. The guide also includes showing, care, owning, feeding tips, Siberian health, play, Siberian cat rescue and re-homing, hypoallergenic traits and personality. In a straight forward, no nonsense fashion, Alex Halton covers all aspects of owning a Siberian forest cat. The book...

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  • Tiny Siberian tiger cubs make our hearts melt!

    07/10/15 ,via

    Siberian tigers are the largest cats in the world and according to National Georgraphic, there are thought to be 400 to 500 living in the wild. Females give birth to two to six cubs in a litter and raise them without their father around. The little cubs ...

  • WATCH: Fierce tiger gives family an unexpected show at the zoo

    07/08/15 ,via Daily Star

    This hilarious footage has emerged of a family visiting a zoo and being sprayed on by the fierce cat. A visitor films the large tiger – a Siberian called Nika – patrolling the bars of her enclosure before letting out a fearsome roar. But what happens ...

  • Pictured: Adorable kittens rescued from certain death drowning in hideous oil spill

    07/10/15 ,via Mirror

    "Oil was clogged on their fur, but they are gradually recovering after the shocking experience," reported The Siberian Times. The kittens are now recovering, and are well enough to play with Anatoly's dog. The eco-tragedy in Siberia, caused by a ruptured ...

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Siberian cat - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Siberian is a landrace variety of domestic cat, present in Russia for centuries, and more recently developed as a formal breed, with standards promulgated since ...

Siberian Kittens and Siberian Cats for Sale from ...

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Contented Mittens 2
Contented Mittens 2
Mittens sits in contentment, thinking about what a good life she has. She gets 3 adoring humans to love her, a choice of 3 human beds each night, lots of nice things to eat everyday, and a big gentle cat brother to chase, fight or lick. Taken with iPhone 3GS.
Photo by Theen ... on Flickr
Kitten Mittens
Kitten Mittens
Mittens at 3 months. Taken with iPhone 3GS. Siberian Forest Cat, sister to Jester.
Photo by Theen ... on Flickr
My beautiful model, Mittens.
Photo by coofdy on Flickr
... beautiful Siberian Kittens and current Siberian Kittens available
... beautiful Siberian Kittens and current Siberian Kittens available
... beautiful Siberian Kittens and current Siberian Kittens available
... beautiful Siberian Kittens and current Siberian Kittens available

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