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Intrepid International Miniature Horse Turnout Blanket, 45-Inch, Hunter Green by Intrepid International

  • Belly band with two elasticized surcingle's
  • Waterproof and Breathable
  • 300 Grams of Hollow Fill



Product Description

Mini Turn Out Blanket This Mini turn out blanket is made of a tough 600 Denier waterproof breathable shell. 300 grams of Polyfill. The Shoulder gussets are deep and reinforced. Features a double buckle closure at the chest and a belly band with two elasticized closures. No better mini turn out blanket exists for your Mighty Mite. Color: Green or Navy Sizes: 38, 41, 43 and 45.

Intrepid International Nylon Miniature Horse Halter, Light Blue, Mini by Intrepid International

  • HIGH QUALITY CONSTRUCTION: This halter is made of the highest...
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR THE PERFECT FIT: Get the perfect fit on your mini...
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATION: Package contains (1) Intrepid International...


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Product Description

Get the perfect fit on your mini with the Intrepid International Mini Horse Halter. The crown is adjustable to fit perfectly to your horse, or accommodate it as it grows. You’ll never have to worry about slips and pulls again. The nylon construction is comfortable for prolonged wear for your mini. The nylon fabric causes less irritation than other fabric counterparts. It is soft and gentle on the skin for a happy horse and happy owner. This halter is made of the highest quality nylon to give you extra durability. Horses can be rough on things, so this is designed to withstand all of the wear and tear that your little guy puts the halter through. For over 45 years, Intrepid International has been the leading global manufacturer and distributor of products for horse and rider. We strive to provide quality products at reasonable prices with superior customer service. : Package contains (1) Intrepid International Nylon Miniature Horse Halter. Double crown buckles for better fit. 0.75” nylon. Regular: Crown: 15”, Cheek 3.25” Nose (from one halter square to the other) 7”, Throat Latch (from right to end of clip) 10.5” Under Nose (square to ring) 4”. Large: Crown: 15.5”, Cheek 5” Nose (from one halter square to the other) 8”, Throat Latch (from right to end of clip) 12” Under Nose (square to ring) 4.5”