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Tough 1 Softfleece Miniature Contour Cooler, Purple, Medium by Tough 1

  • Luxuriously soft and richly colored for an attractive look at...
  • "Quick grip" fasteners
  • Machine washable



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Luxuriously soft and richly colored for an attractive look at special events. Softfleece wicks moisture in half the time of other fabrics and is warm as wool without the added bulk. Machine washable; "Quick grip" fasteners; Contoured fit.

Intrepid International Nylon Miniature Horse Halter, Purple, Mini by Intrepid International

  • 3/4 Inch Nylon
  • Double Crown Buckles For Better Fit
  • Strong Stay Flat Hardware



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Mini Horse Nylon Halter This Miniature Horse Nylon Halter features a double buckle crown for easy fitting. The nylon webbing is 3/4 wide. This is a top quality halter that is made to last. (class A up to 34 Inch and Class B is 43 to 38 Inch) Size: Mini and Large Mini Color: Black, Burgundy, Light Blue, Pink and Purple.

Miniature Horse Is Becoming An Internet Star

Miniature Horse Suffering From Dwarfism Becomes Internet Star SUBSCRIBE: http://bit. ly/Oc61Hj We upload a new incredible video every weekday.

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MINIATURE PONY Street Sign horse rides ponies saddle by

This sign is 4"x18" and made with an exterior grade PVC plastic and printed with the best inks in the industry. Perfect for outdoor use for over 5 years or will look great inside. No rusting or fading indoors or out. The sign come with round corners and 2 holes for easy mounting. We carry 1000's of different signs to choose from. You can't go wrong with a SignMission Street Sign, the ultimate gift for any occasion!


Earth Rugs 80-383HP Round Miniature Swatch, Horse Portrait, printed by

Features Biodegradeable and eco-friendly Spot clean with cold water 100% natural jute Hand stenciled design Horse Portrait printed Shape - Round Size - 10 x 10 in.




Antique tapestry woven in Brussels around 1500. Princess making music in flower garden with an unicorn ,lion and other animals.,digital elaboration and design by Bulgan Lumini


Colorful ,elegant fleur de lys and heraldic motives,floral swirls red blue,flowers with a white sitting unicorn ,digital elaboration from an ancient medieval miniature .


100 Crazy Critters – #71 – Horse

My 8 year old literally danced around the kitchen when I pulled the name “horse” out of the random bag of animals. He has been fantatical about horses since he was a toddler. Back home in Scotland, he did a series of riding lessons and absolutely loved it. He was trained on a horse named Gigha – after the island – and always looked so titchy on top of the big beast. When we told the boys that we were emigrating to America, one of the first things the now 8 year old did was research horses in Pennsylvania. Upon learning that the Amish breed miniature horses, among other livestock, he became obsessed with the idea of saving up enough money to buy a falabella. His rationale was that he would be able to afford its care because it could live in the house with us instead of requiring stabling. He is also obsessed with unicorns and pegasus and he has about as much prospect of getting one of those as he does a pet horse. As he was so excited about the horse painting, I allowed my son to select the colours for the horse painting. He also requested that the horse be holding a flower. The proportions in this painting are bonkers. Sure, it’s a miniature pony but even so I don’t think those stubby legs could support that portly body and that massive head. I also think the front legs (which I have made into arms) are much longer than the back legs. My name is Laura and I am a Scottish immigrant living in Pennsylvania, USA. In October 2013, my husband and I emigrated with our four young sons from a rural and remote area of Scotland to the suburbs of Philadelphia. My blog pictinpa. com is an account of our experiences as I navigate our new life in a new country as a mother of four young sons. In addition to being a busy mother of four, I am also into art, reading, family history, photography, watching movies and travel. I have a blog about my art which can be found at pictink. Source: Pict Ink

Latest News

  • Miniature Horse Tied for World's Tiniest Poised for Big Things

    07/02/15 ,via ABC News

    Even for a miniature horse, Itty Bitty Hope is pretty small. Her height at birth -- just 14 inches -- was tied with the record of the smallest horse on record, according to her owners. And while being tiny may not always be seen as a positive, for a

  • Miniature Horse Shooter Convicted in Maryland

    07/08/15 ,via

    In May, Maryland state troopers responded to a call regarding a pet Miniature Horse that had wandered onto a neighboring property in Westover and was eating strawberries growing there. The owners of the neighboring property shooed the horse back to his 

  • 1 month in jail for man who shot his mini horse

    07/06/15 ,via Delmarva Daily Times

    John Nelson Price had a reason for why he shot his miniature horse. But that didn't hold legal standing with retired District Court Judge R. Patrick Hayman, who heard the case. Hayman found Price, 55, of Westover guilty on all four counts he faced


Sea Horse ORIGINAL ACEO Scratchboard Art LEAFY SEA DRAGON Seascape Sealife MM #Miniature 07/11/15, @ArtbyLWick
Our 6th Annual Open House is Sat. 08/15/2015. Come see some of the saved horses and visit our miniature therapy horse...@HoneyBanditPal 07/11/15, @juliedesigncom
RT @9GAGGifs: A Jack Russell Terrier riding a miniature horse - 07/11/15, @femAntichrist


  • The Miniature Horse in Review

    Equine Graphics Publishing Group. 1999. ISBN: 1887932046,9781887932042. 136 pages.

    Page after page is filled with excellent up-to-date information on such things as the importance of the pre-purchase examination, reproduction guidelines for both mares and stallions, mortality and liability insurance, syndication of stallions, advertising and marketing the Miniature Horse, basics of driving, and the purchase and care of tack & equipment, and more! The articles are lavished with over 60 excellent photographs and detailed illustrations. A substantial appendix gives additional information on registries, the "standards of perfection," additional reading sources, and a comprehensive glossary.

  • My Friend the Miniature Horse

    The Rosen Publishing Group. 2010. ISBN: 9781607549765,160754976X. 24 pages.

    Introduces the miniature horse as a pet and provides information on caring for and feeding a miniature horse.

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  • The week on Twitter: AP McCoy, a sweltering dressage rider and Paul Tapner’s ’20th’ birthday

    07/10/15 ,via Horse and Hound

    The winner of the Horse & Hound tweet of the week competition can also be found by searching Twitter for #HHTweetOfTheWeek. The winner will receive an Apatchy mini tablet case (pictured left) or an Apatchy cosmetic bag (pictured below right), personalised ...

  • Law Cracks Down on Owners Harboring Fake Service Pets

    07/10/15 ,via Daily Business Review

    The new legislation redefines "service animal," for the purposes of public accommodation and limits the term to a dog or miniature horse. It seeks to protect a broader cross section of people by expanding the existing state law's definition of disability ...

  • 4-H for kids: Learn about horses or cooking this summer

    07/10/15 ,via Main Line Media News

    horse nutrition and distinguishing different horse breeds and colors will also be taught. Students will experience hands-on grooming and leading with miniature horses and ponies. Working with horses builds confidence, communication, and problem solving.


Miniature horse - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Miniature horses are found in many nations, particularly in Europe and the Americas. The designation of miniature horse is determined by the height of the animal ...

American Miniature Horse Association

A complete information source featuring every aspect of owning, showing, breeding, buying and training a Miniature Horse. Including membership, show schedules ...

Miniature Horse Facts

Frequently Asked Miniature Horse Questions. This is a list of the most frequently asked questions about Miniature horse Guide Horses.

Miniature Horse
Miniature Horse
A miniature horse is a small horse.
Photo by Jeffrey Beall on Flickr
Miniature horse show 05
Miniature horse show 05
Photo by Bill Strong on Flickr
Miniature Horse Show
Miniature Horse Show
Garrard County Fair, 2011
Photo by Sarah Elizabeth Altendorf on Flickr
black miniature horse wallpapers brown miniature horse wallpapers ...
black miniature horse wallpapers brown miniature horse wallpapers ...
Tiedosto:Miniature Horse Runs Through the Pasture.jpg
Tiedosto:Miniature Horse Runs Through the Pasture.jpg
File:Miniature horse.jpg
File:Miniature horse.jpg

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